Lazada Malaysia Seller Issue #349 - Part 2

by Raymond
Updated July 20, 2019

Sir, I respect you as a Director and top management of Lazada. However, I appreciate if you can give the same respect to sellers. Use of "bitching" and "bugger" does not seem to be appropriate. Sellers don't complain if they are not frustrated. Sellers often have to spend a lot of time talking to PSC and chase the money that is rightfully ours but wrongly taken by LAZADA.

The problem is that, all top managment in Lazada, which obviously including you sir from what you just commented, don't care and don't bother.

This overcharging issue is not new. Lazada does not seem to bother. Many of us are not earning big salaries like you. Cash flow is important for us.

But when Lazada top management ALWAYS brushes aside, like what you just did, the problems sellers face will be forever there. No sincerity and no seriousness by the top management to solve it.

In the end, sellers and PSC are the ones who suffer. We waste so much of time doing unnecessary work.

I have seen your comments many times. While you are saying sellers "bitching", I see you also "bitching" about sellers every time. Never for once you offer help. And you are from Lazada top management. Respect is mutual Sir.

You keep talking about positiveness. Is your comment positive? Does it encourage or discourage sellers, since it comes from Lazada top management? I don't think I have seen anything positive from you. Perhaps, change starts from ourselves, agree?

Luca Suino calling sellers idiots, buggers... Coming from lazada top management, is it something POSITIVE that will enhance selling experience or something that's very negative and discouraging? I wonder how you call sellers offline?

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